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Creativity > 111207-King and creativity (2011/12/07)
About the writing process of Stephen King

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Critical_consumer > 170528-Avoid UX STRAT conference series (2017/05/28)
Conference to avoid – my ugly experience with UX STRAT

Tests > 160105-Best productivity apps for 2016 (2016/01/05)
User experience benchmark in across platform use for Diigo, Evernote and Pocket.

Windows > 100909-Master Windows 7 Enterprise (2010/09/09)
Guide to successful and effective switch from Windows XP to Windows 7

Writing > 100201-Against Institutional Authorsh (2010/02/01)
Why I want to read papers authored by real people

Creativity > 100106-Idea IS NOT invention IS NOT i (2010/01/06)
Comment on how to correctly use words idea, invention and innovation

Windows > 080929-How to view m2ts files windows (2008/09/29)
How to replay m2ts files in Windows XP

Writing > 080702-Summary Write a lot (2008/07/02)
A summary about Paul J Silvia's book How to write a lot

Computers > 050809-soundmax problems (2005/08/09)
Problems and fixes with AD SoundMax circuit

Tests > 050612-asus s5642-experience (2005/06/12)
Review of Asus S5642 portable computer

050109-site guide (2005/02/02)
SiSsi based site navigation guide

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