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Critical_consumer > 170528-Avoid UX STRAT conference series (2017/05/28)
Conference to avoid – my ugly experience with UX STRAT

Ux > 160509-UX Strategy framework (2016/05/09)
Liikkanen (2016) UX Strategy as a Kick-starter for Design Transformation. Proceedings of CHI 2016

Design > 150124-Resonance testing tool for UX evaluation in concept design (2015/01/24)
Liikkanen L.A. and Reavey H. (2015, early online) Resonance testing: an industry approach for experiential concept evaluation. International Journal of Product Development. Vol. X, No. Y,–xxx.

Design > 141021-Lean UX and Agile HCD (2014/10/21)
Lassi A. Liikkanen, Harri Kilpiö, Lauri Svan, and Miko Hiltunen (2014) Lean UX - The Next Generation of User-Centered Agile Development? In Proc. of NordiCHI 2014. Helsinki, Finland

Unix > 131208-Linux tips collection (2013/12/08)
Several unrelated tips for linux maintenance

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Computers > 140426-Win7 image restore (2014/04/26)
How Windows 7 restore really works

Computers > 140330-USB Flash Rescue for Windows (2014/03/30)
Instructions for creating bootable Windows 7 recovery environment on a USB flash device

Unix > 100106-Rename Pine sent mail folders (2010/01/06)
Command line script to batch rename files in UNIX shell

Matkailu > 090903-jetlagin torjuminen (2009/09/03)
Miten välttyä jetlagilta

Windows > 090329-win xp guru installation (2009/03/29)
Expert checklist after Windows XP OS installation

Computers > 090117-Green desktop PCs 2008 (2009/01/17)
A comparison chart of three energy thrifty home pc options

Computers > 080625-ssh public key guide (2008/06/25)
Practical guide to using SSH public key identification

070829-LikeVis (2007/08/29)
Likert scale data visualization software

Computers > 060611-EzBios removal (2006/06/11)
How to remove EZ-Bios from a hard drive completeley

Computers > 050704-pine and binaries (2005/07/04)
How to configure Pine to work with Word, RTF and PDF files

Tests > 050612-asus s5642-experience (2005/06/12)
Review of Asus S5642 portable computer

Computers > 050217-scopy example (2005/02/17)
Example on scp unix command

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