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Music > 180827-inmi-phd (2018/08/27)

Music > 160520-Black windowing (2016/05/20)
Black windowing – the curse on the streaming music service customers

Music > 150420-YouTube Music studies and music video typology (2015/04/20)
YouTube music video typology illustratation and two short stories on related, world's first studies on YouTube music listening

Hci > 150420-Music on YouTube (2015/04/20)
Liikkanen L. & Salovaara A. (2015) Music on YouTube: User appropriation and engagement. Computers in Human Behavior. DOI: 10.1016/j.chb.2015.01.067

Media_psychology > 150420-Shuffling services music interaction trends (2015/04/20)
Liikkanen L. & Åman P. (2015) Shuffling services - Current trends in interacting with digital music. Interacting with Computers. DOI: 10.1093/iwc/iwv004

Design > 141021-OUTMedia location-based music (2014/10/21)
Åman, Liikkanen, Jacucci, Hinkka (2014) OUTMedia – Symbiotic Service for Music Discovery in Urban Augmented Reality. In Proc. of Symbiotic 2014 workshop. Helsinki, Finland.

Cognitive_neuroscience > 141020-bachelors thesis (2014/10/20)
Lassi A. Liikkanen (2004) Neural substrates of musical experience. Univ. of Helsinki, Dpt. of Psychology

Music > 141007-Finland Spotify YouTube (2014/10/07)
Liikkanen (2014) Music Interaction Trends in Finland: YouTube and Spotify. Proceedings of Academic MindTrek'14. NOV 04-07, Tampere, Finland

Music > 131125-YouTube listening insights (2013/11/25)
Liikkanen L. (2013) YouTube music listening in Finland - 8 insights. HIIT, Technical report

Psychology > 131109-Musical obsessions anxiety (2013/11/09)
Liikkanen L. and Raaska K. (2013) Treatment of anxiety from musical obsessions with a cognitive behaviour therapy tool. BMJ Case Studies. DOI:10.1136/bcr-2013-201064

Music_cognition > 120725-Understanding INMI (2012/07/25)
Liikkanen L. (2012) From characterization to understanding involuntary musical imagery. In the Proc. of ICMPC-ESCOM 2012. July 23-28, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Music > 120504-Tween music sharing (2012/05/04)
Lehtinen V. and Liikkanen L. (2012) The Meanings of Music Sharing in Tween Life. Proc. of ACM CHI-EA 2012

120418-Music Interaction Research (2012/04/18)
SIGCHI 2012 Panel on Music Interaction Research - homepage

Music > 120417-love through viewfinder (2012/04/17)
Liikkanen L. (2012) Love through the viewfinder: Practices in contemporary snapshot photography of live music performances. Porc. Helsinki PhotoMedia 2012 conference. March 28-30.

Psychology > 110314-INMI and musical activities (2011/03/14)
Liikkanen (2012) Musical Activities Predispose to Involuntary Musical Imagery. Psychology of Music, 40(2), 236-256

Applied_psychology > 110130-I will press play (2011/01/30)
Silfverberg S., Liikkanen L., Lampinen A. (2011) “I’ll press Play, but I won’t listen”: Profile Work in a Music-focused Social Network Service. Proc ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW’11), March 19–23, Hangzhou, China

Hifi > 101015-Review Sony MDR NC300D (2010/10/15)
MusiQ mobile music gear review: Sony MDR NC300D Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

Music > 100910-music recommendation ui (2010/09/10)
Åman and Liikkanen (2010) A Survey of Music Recommendation Aids. In Proc. of Workshop on Music Recommendation And Discovery (WOMRAD), at ACM RecSys conference. Barcelona, Spain. 26 Sep 2010.

Music > 100820-One in nine commuters is wired (2010/08/20)
Liikkanen Lahdensuo (2010) Observing the Mobile Music Phenomenon: One in Nine Commuters is Wired. Proc. of DIS 2010

Design > 100128-Selected ISI journals (2010/01/28)
List of Web of Knowledge indexed journals in music and design

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180317-index page (2018/03/17)
Brief in English

Psychology > 150222-World of INMI research (2015/02/22)
Information about INMI researchers around the globe

Psychology > 150207-Commentary on Haunting Melody (2015/02/07)
Commentary on Theodor Reik's book The Haunting Melody

Musiikki > 141116-Floyd Rose tallan saataminen (2014/11/16)
Floikka tallaisen sähkökitaran säätäminen ja viritys

Design > 120411-Designed in China (2012/04/12)
The culture of design and innovation in Shanghai, China as it occurred to me in 2012

Design > 120412-Designed in China (2012/04/12)
The culture of design and innovation in Shanghai, China as it occurred to me in 2012

Mobile_computing > 100602-Top Symbian Apps of 2010 (2010/06/02)
My favorite applications for Symbian smart phones (Nokia)

Writing > 100201-Against Institutional Authorsh (2010/02/01)
Why I want to read papers authored by real people

Music_cognition > 090903-Mind hooked on music (2009/09/03)
Liikkanen (2009) How the mind is easily hooked on musical imagery

Music_cognition > 080904-Music in Every Mind (2008/09/04)
Music in Everymind: Commonality of Involuntary Musical Imagery

Musiikki > 080815-Musiikkikysely (2008/08/15)

070419-personal info (2007/04/19)

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