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Design > 131208-Presemo Brainstormer (2013/12/08)
Liikkanen L., Kuikkaniemi K., Lievonen P. and Ojala P. (2011) Next Step in Electronic Brainstorming: Collaborative Creativity with the Web. To appear In Proc. Extended Abstracts of Human Factors in Computing Systems conference ACM SIGCHI (CHI 2011).

Design > 120620-Dubious creativity techniques (2012/06/20)
Laakso M. & Liikkanen L. (2012) Dubious Role of Formal Creativity Techniques in Professional Design. To appear in Proc. of ICDC2012.

Creativity > 111207-King and creativity (2011/12/07)
About the writing process of Stephen King

Design > 111027-Knowledge construct design (2011/10/27)
Liikkanen L. and Holmquist L-E (2011) Knowledge Construction in Concept Design: Case Studies. To appear in Proc. of ACM Creativity & Cognition (C&C'11)

Design > 100523-Design Creativity Constraints (2010/05/23)
Liikkanen L. (2010) Defining Creativity in Conceptual Design as Negotiation of Crucial Constraints. Presentation at FISCAR'10, May 25-27, Helsinki, Finland.

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180317-index page (2018/03/17)
Brief in English

Music > 150420-YouTube Music studies and music video typology (2015/04/20)
YouTube music video typology illustratation and two short stories on related, world's first studies on YouTube music listening

Psychology > 150222-World of INMI research (2015/02/22)
Information about INMI researchers around the globe

Creativity > 100106-Idea IS NOT invention IS NOT i (2010/01/06)
Comment on how to correctly use words idea, invention and innovation

Psykologia > 091209-luovuuden psykologia 2008 (2009/12/09)
Luovuuden psykologia 2008 kurssin kotisivu

070419-personal info (2007/04/19)

060116-luovuuden psykologia 2005 (2006/01/16)
Luovuuden psykologia kurssin kotisivu

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