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Media_psychology > 150420-Shuffling services music interaction trends (2015/04/20)
Liikkanen L. & Åman P. (2015) Shuffling services - Current trends in interacting with digital music. Interacting with Computers. DOI: 10.1093/iwc/iwv004

Hci > 150420-Music on YouTube (2015/04/20)
Liikkanen L. & Salovaara A. (2015) Music on YouTube: User appropriation and engagement. Computers in Human Behavior. DOI: 10.1016/j.chb.2015.01.067

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Computers > 140330-USB Flash Rescue for Windows (2014/03/30)
Instructions for creating bootable Windows 7 recovery environment on a USB flash device

Windows > 100909-Master Windows 7 Enterprise (2010/09/09)
Guide to successful and effective switch from Windows XP to Windows 7

Windows > 090329-win xp guru installation (2009/03/29)
Expert checklist after Windows XP OS installation

Computers > 070912-matrox dvdmax problems (2007/09/12)
Fixes for Matrox DVDMax TV output problems for windows

Windows > 061103-Media files in Powerpoint (2006/11/03)
Describes how Powerpoint handles images, sounds and video files

Computers > 060611-EzBios removal (2006/06/11)
How to remove EZ-Bios from a hard drive completeley

Computers > 050929-pivot pro matrox dualhead (2005/09/29)
How to use Matrox Dual Head TV output with Pivot Pro

Tests > 050612-asus s5642-experience (2005/06/12)
Review of Asus S5642 portable computer

Windows > 050612-Directory duplicating (2005/06/12)
How to duplicate windows directory structures

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