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Artistit 2013, 2014/09/29

A list of the most successful domestic artists in Finland 2008-2012 based on various criteria as described in the paper. In alphabetical order., 2014/09/29

Order copies of INVOLUNTARY MUSICAL IMAGERY – EVERYDAY BUT EPHEMERAL Dissertation , 2018/08/27

YouTube music video typology illustratation and two short stories on related, world's first studies on YouTube music listening, 2015/04/20

Liikkanen (2014) Music Interaction Trends in Finland: YouTube and Spotify. Proceedings of Academic MindTrek'14. NOV 04-07, Tampere, Finland, 2014/10/07

Applied psychology

Silfverberg S., Liikkanen L., Lampinen A. (2011) “I’ll press Play, but I won’t listen”: Profile Work in a Music-focused Social Network Service. Proc ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW’11), March 19–23, Hangzhou, China, 2011/01/30

Cognitive neuroscience

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Liikkanen and Sandstrom (2013) To be or not to be real? Investigating the authenticity of YouTube views. Technical report from HIIT, Aalto University, Finland, 2013/10/21

Design cognition

Univ. of Helsinki 2005: Exploring problem decomposition, 2007/12/09

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Music cognition

Liikkanen (2009) How the mind is easily hooked on musical imagery, 2009/09/03

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Music in Everymind: Commonality of Involuntary Musical Imagery, 2008/09/04

Liikkanen L (2008) Music in everymind. In Proc. of ICMPC10, 2008/09/04

Mobile computing

Forsblom, Nurmi, Åman, Liikkanen (2012) Out of the Bubble - Serendipitous Event Recommendations at an Urban Culture Festival. ACM IUI2012, Lisbon, Portugal, 14-17 February, 2012/03/12


Liikkanen (2016) UX Strategy as a Kick-starter for Design Transformation. Proceedings of CHI 2016, 2016/05/09


Liikkanen L. & Salovaara A. (2015) Music on YouTube: User appropriation and engagement. Computers in Human Behavior. DOI: 10.1016/j.chb.2015.01.067, 2015/04/20

Media psychology

Liikkanen L. & Åman P. (2015) Shuffling services - Current trends in interacting with digital music. Interacting with Computers. DOI: 10.1093/iwc/iwv004, 2015/04/20

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