2009/01/27 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

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Web 2.0 Upgrade for SiSsI finally out!

After two long years of procrastination I finally implemented a commenting functionality for this web site. This interactive update allows anyone to post comments to selected web pages. This feature is secured using a semantic CAPTCHA. It has some restrictions related to input, but also allows to insert URL to Internet content which are automatically converted to links or inline images.

1st generation finally released!

Sissi project implementation phase started in december 2003 (27.12.2004) and has now reached its climax. First version of SiSsi along with my personal website content is published as I now write, after one year and one month period of development. My working intensity during the project has greatly changed, but I've been able to pull through quite a lot work in some 1-4 weeks intensive periods and now finally able to proudly present first generation SiSsi!

Project documentation is to be released later on. You can get general idea of the SiSsi from the site guide (myös suomeksi).

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