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Likert scale data visualization aid for PHP

LikeVis is an open-source script that creates figures (bitmap images) from Likert scale data. In particular, it can draw gender symbols for representing mean responses, allowing easy and intuitive visualization of multidimensional data sets.

Example of LikeVis visualization of an agreement scale for two independent groups

LikeVis was built to visualize Likert-scale graphs, because of none of the existing statistical packages provided the required functionality and I could not find a suitable freeware script either. LikeVis was programmed using functional paradigm.

Download: Click here for .zip archive

Contents of the package: the user interface, you will need to modify settings of this script
LikeVis.phpThe parent script, contains only Error_reporting level setting, which you should change main functions
LikeVis.imagefunctions.phpAuxialiary functions for image manipulation

System requirements

PHP 4.3.x (or higher) with GD 2.x (or higher) and access to ImageMagick (convert) on operating system using the default paths. The script creates temporary files so /tmp (or other configurable location) should be writable. Fonts need to be installed within the system, path to font directory is set up from the main script (they are usually copyrighted and cannot be distributed for free). Font file for gender symbols originates from Luc Devroye's Sekushii font package, thank you Luc!

Status: Nearly complete

Currently LikeVis works properly only on browsers that can save and copy objects from their own buffer, e.g. on Opera. This is because the image created by the script is based on POST data and attempts to retrieve it by URL (GET data) won't work. For use with and IE and FX you must use operating system's screen capture, which might become quite inconvenient on big images.

Unfortunately, I'm currently short of time finishing the script and the date of completion is unknown.

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