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2013/03/03 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Disabling background software installations and upgrades in Windows

If you have administrative rights (or can acquire) to your computer, but your organization’s administration still performs some operations in the background, this guide can help to get rid of them. This guide is intended for use with Windows 7.

How do you know what’s going on?

You will notice that Windows will ‘Run Advertised Programs', or I’ve seen “Assigned programs ready to run” to install something

What to do about it?

There are several mechanisms that can be used to push stuff to a Windows workstation, especially if it is a member of a domain (AD). Group Policies are generally used to configure domain workstations. They allow unattended remote installation of software. The software that actually takes care of it is called “Systems Management Server” (SMS). In Windows 7, this mechanism is System Center Configuration Manager, SCCM, and for workstations, it is SCCM Client found in WindowsSystem32CCM

  • Break the work station away from the domain (AD) by joining an ad hoc (whatever) Workgroup. Find the setting in System – System Properties – Computer name – Change… - Member of… Workgroup . After this, SCCM will unlikely find a source for updates.
  • Remove SCCM client from the computer. This will disable updating.

This can be done with first built-in uninstallation mechanism and then removing the remaining files:

c:WindowsSystem32ccmsetupccmsetup.exe /uninstall
RD /S /Q C:WindowsSystem32ccmsetup

Reboot and be rid of it. Word of Caution: There are some issues with this approach however, as some software installation initially installed with SCCM might break. Consequently there will be a laborious uninstall and re-install procedure which you will discover when you try to update a software to a new version. The currently installed version will work OK, but uninstall/update might turn out very problematic.

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