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Soundmax problems

2005/08/09 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Problems with Asus' motherboards integrated SoundMax sound

I and many others have encountered several deficiencies in the SoundMax integrated audio found on e.g. Asus' motherboards. My motherboard is the Asus A7V600-X equipped with AD1888, but similar problems seem to trouble almost all other boards (see below). I contacted Asus' technical support some time ago, but did not get a proper answer for any of my issues. While this is understandable, it is not acceptable. Finally I came up with easy "fix". This fix provides remedy basically for all motherboards with AD chips.

The problems

I had the following:

  1. Microphone input doesn't work ( similar case)
  2. Audio track of some video formats gets out of synch if video is forwinded or rewinded (similar case)
  3. No five channel AC-3 (5.1 Dolby Digital) output from the digital output (similar case)

The links after the symptoms point to two forums that also had a complains about SoundMax. Latter links that point to the same page also contain the answer.

Asus fix: Update SoundMax drivers

Very simply put: get the latest drivers. The reason why this was so hard in the first place is due to fact that e.g. Asus doesn't link their motherboard updates to the latest drivers. Instead you find two year old drivers that really suck. You can simply search the net for the latest drivers for your chip as chip's the only thing that really matters, it should not matter who distributes the drivers. You can use any driver distribution that supports the chip on your motherboard. Consult your motherboard specifications if you don't know which one is it. One place to find them is Asus' FTP server which has a dedicated directory for audio downloads: Simply click the name of the chip and select the latest package available. At the time of writing, the latest and rather new release was

After installing this driver update you get a brand new SoundMax control panel that even works! This fixes problems one and two. For the third one, see

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