Matrox dvdmax problems

2007/09/12 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Matrox DVDMax problems

While Matrox's DVD Max feature found in their recent adaptors is a great feature, I've run to a lot trouble while using it. Previous tip considered one problem. I've now collected some new tips that may help in Windows 2000 (tested with 2K, SP4). Part of the tips were received from Matrox's support, although I'm still not certain what exactly resolved my previous problem...


DVD Max feature is enabled, but will not activate. This shows in Display properties -> Advanced ->Dualhead -tab -> Features -> DualHead DVDMax settings where you will see DualHead DVDMax setting's value as Enabled but currently not active.


First we must assume your TV output has been working at some point, you've connected the cables correct and tv is receiving signal. You can ensure your whether video connection and TV output is working. I've been able to temporarily activate the TV output with the test image even when the DVDMax has not been working by selecting Display properties -> Advanced ->Dualhead -tab -> TV Output -> DVDMax TV settings OR TV standard -> Change Settings . This should show you the test image. If that doesn't show, problem is not probably in your software.

If the connection works, try the following tips. They are organized by the number, last come the most destructive. First but on a video to some player that uses direct video for output and then...

  1. Restart the video playback always after you make changes to Matrox settings
  2. While playing back the video, try running the powerdesk application found in your Windows' system directory with the parameter /DVDMax:On, e.g. C:\WINNT\system32\PDesk\pdeskcmd.exe /DVDMax:ON. This should force the DVDMax on, but doesn't work always
  3. First open the DualHead DVDMAX tab from the Advanced Display properties and then open the video while the Advanced Display properties remains open. Has worked for several times.
  4. Change the main display resolution and color depth to 1024x768 and 16 bit color temporarily (never worked for me)
  5. Disable the use of the TV for DualHead Multi-Display, Clone or Zoom
  6. Shutdown (not just restart) the computer while the TV cable is attached
  7. Upgrade or re-install the latest drivers from Matrox website. When re-installing, choose to overwrite the previous settings (just in case)
  8. Uninstall the Matrox Powerdesk using the Windows safe mode and Add/Remove software from control. Then run Powerdesk uninstaller again in safe mode. Reboot to safe mode and install the drivers again. Reboot.
  9. Buy a new graphics adaptor
  10. Re-install your Windows (I would not recommend this)

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