IPod without iTunes

2012/12/15 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Using Ipod without iTunes in Windows

Ipod can be managed without having iTunes on computer. There are several alternative media player-manager applications available, which have built-in functions to iPod synchronization and file transfers. For instance, MediaMonkey (Free and Gold editions), Floola, and . However, you need an iPod/iPhone USB device driver for Windows to use your device. This driver comes inside the Apple Mobile Device support service (AMD; available for Windows XP sp2, Vista, 7, & 8). AMD is a part of iTunes installation. AMD is not distributed separately. Good news is that you can download iTunes package and extract the service installer to get it. No other parts are required, e.g. Bonjour is service not needed. The only tricky part is extraction, which requires special compressed-file utility, such as WinRAR.

After downloading iTunes installer and opening it with WinRAR, you should extract AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi, an executable file. Just run it and install the software. If you ran into problems getting AMD service working, for instance, can't get it running because of error 1053 , “service did not start in a timely fashion”, don't worry, the driver was likely installed just fine. Reboot, connect your device and try your chosen manager. If Windows gave you no error when connecting a USB device, then your portable player should work.

Apple help document on driverhttp://support.apple.com/kb/TS1369 and part 9. Verify that USB drivers are installed
if you find it difficult to troubleshoot your driver installation. For instance, I realized that my monitor USB hub was blocking iPod

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