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2010/08/01 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Resizing a Windows 7 Volume

Windows has for some time provided the option to reduce the size of an active disk partition using Disk Management. Even though the shrink function in Windows 7 performs a defragmentation automatically, you may find that you are unable to shrink a disk although it seems that there is plenty of empty space. This is because there are files that cannot be moved by the defrag utility. To get a maximum shrink and use all available size, you need to minimize the unmovable files and then defrag your partition before trying shrink again. This is how:

  1. Turn off System Restore (this will destroy all Restore Points!)

  2. Disable Hibernation

  3. Disable Virtual memory (set no paging file if your system works this way)

  4. Remove unnecessary files from the drive

  5. Perform a boot time defrag (page defrag, this requires an external application)

  6. Shrink the drive

  7. Turn Restore, Hibernation and Virtual memory back on.

I recommend trying out Perfect Disk for disk management and smart defragging, it can perform boot time defrag among the many.

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