CyanogenMod for HTC Desire

2013/12/31 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

CyanogenMod installation procedure

Warning: attempting to root and modify your phone may cause serious trouble and will void the warranty.

I used this procedure to root and install CM to HTC Desire Z running the buggy Android 2.3.3. I don't give the details, please the linked guides for that. This reflects my trial-and-error experience of one way that certainly works. The process can take several hours of sweating, not only because you need to download lot of stuff.

1.	Backup
2.	Downgrade firmware 
	a. ) 
	b.	NEXT step adb reboot bootloader
	c.	REMOVE from SDCARD otherwise recovering CM image will be impossible
3.	Root device
4.	Install CyanogenMod image and other installation packages
	a.	I added adb push /sdcard/
5.	Restore settings, apps and data
	a.	Put the power management widget on one of your home screens
6.	Set up backups

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