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Audio video

Linked guide to placing home theater speaker, 2005/09/26


Programming Harmony 1, 2012/11/26


How to get from London Heathrow Airport to Gatwick Airport, 2011/08/01


Solution for shortcut icon display problems in Opera, 2005/02/09


How to customize tab leader style in Word, 2015/10/29

Custom EndNote styles for some journals and conferences, 2010/09/23

Comparison of blogging platforms for advertising options, 2015/12/15


Links and tips for more effective usage of PowerPoint, 2007/09/06

How to reduce noise created by Lacie NAS disk, 2010/01/31

Bypassing Nokia smartphone messaging issues in IMAP, 2010/03/03

How to use Matrox Dual Head TV output with Pivot Pro, 2005/09/29

Problems and fixes with AD SoundMax circuit, 2005/08/09

Disabling Contact list picture in Skype 5, 2011/01/06

Example on scp unix command, 2005/02/17

How to play Tie Fighter Collector's edition on Windows XP with XBox, 2010/03/27

How to prevent computer from powering on by itself, 2009/03/17

How get Nokia N95 to work with hidden and secure access point, 2008/06/15

Fixes for Matrox DVDMax TV output problems for windows, 2007/09/12

How to create biggest possible partition using shrink in Windows , 2010/08/01

IPod without iTunes, 2012/12/15

How to remove EZ-Bios from a hard drive completeley, 2006/06/11

How to set up direct printing to a network printer in Windows XP, 2009/04/01

How Windows 7 restore really works, 2014/04/26

How to recover from failure to boot newly assembled PC, 2009/03/29

Instructions for creating bootable Windows 7 recovery environment on a USB flash device, 2014/03/30

Calculate words and chars from structured texts with Word and Ex, 2006/11/09

How to get all outgoing messages to be copied into a single fold, 2007/11/05

How to create a proxy.pac file, 2008/04/15

How to turn off Cisco Systems light on a Linksys router w. DD-WR, 2008/01/27

Outline for installation procedure of custom Android ROM on HTC Desire (G2) smart phone, 2013/12/31

Quick fix to restore Windows mail client setting, 2009/03/09

Practical guide to using SSH public key identification, 2008/06/25

How create several new variables to SPSS at once, 2006/09/15

How to create new keyboard shortcuts for Excel, 2006/06/22

How to import data Microsoft Access to SPSS, 2007/04/12

How to configure Pine to work with Word, RTF and PDF files, 2005/07/04


Command line script to batch rename files in UNIX shell, 2010/01/06

Bash Shell Script to resolve destinations of T.Co hyperlinks created by Twitter to proper URL , 2013/10/02

Several unrelated tips for linux maintenance, 2013/12/08


How to back up application data folders in Windows XP, 2008/06/04

How to reclaim the wasted space taken by emptyheader, 2007/04/20

Setting Thunderbird as the email application Windows 7, 2010/08/18

How to change Lenovo IBM My Normal Display Settings defalts, 2008/12/07

How to create forms and questionnaires with Microsoft Access, 2007/04/11

How start, stop, disable and remove windows service, 2007/03/25

Expert checklist after Windows XP OS installation, 2009/03/29

Duplicate a line - or a paragraph - in Wod, 2007/04/17

Fix for images overlaying text in Word, 2009/03/06

How to print correctly document with multiple sections, 2007/04/24

VBA Macro for Word to calculate words and characters in sections, 2006/09/12

How to duplicate windows directory structures, 2005/06/12

How to disable windows security center balloon message, 2006/01/23

Disabling background software installations and upgrades in Windows, 2013/03/03

Describes how Powerpoint handles images, sounds and video files, 2006/11/03

How to remove old windows from your hard drive, 2006/02/01

Settings for how to used Lame MP3 encoder with CDex ripper, 2008/08/23

How to replay m2ts files in Windows XP, 2008/09/29

How to speed up recovery from hibernation in Windows, 2008/06/30

How to transfer a domain user account into a local user account in Windows 7, 2010/09/10


An example how to convert URL addresses to HTML links, 2009/01/26

How to convert MySQL enum type of field to keyed number field, 2008/03/16

Critical consumer

Converting BMW e46 2002 2003 2004 2005 , 2012/04/25


Comparison of academic tenure tracks in Finland and America, 2010/01/15 [historic]

Going abroad as an Aalto employee - practical guide for researcher exchange, 2012/04/11


My suggestions for archiving digital files so they can be identified based on the filename, 2012/04/19

Mobile computing

Getting by Starting download freeze on Android Market, 2011/12/21

My favorite applications for Symbian smart phones (Nokia), 2010/06/02

Fix for a situation where Photoshop cs3 is slow to open files, 2008/07/02

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