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2018/03/17 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

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Professinal interests and expertise:
Design: user-centred conceptual design, design for user experience, the innovation process
Music cognition: music interaction, involuntary musical imagery (earworms).

Past: Users in Design [Käyttäjät suunnittelussa] (2012)
Design idea generation and structured methods for the fuzzy front-end, Psychology of Creativity, Cognitive modelling

Recent publications:

  • Williamson, V. J., Liikkanen, L. A., Jakubowski, K., & Stewart, L. (2014). Sticky Tunes: How Do People React to Involuntary Musical Imagery? PLoS ONE, 9(1), e86170. [DOI link]
  • Nikander J., Liikkanen L. & Laakso M. (in press, online advance) Ownership effects in design concept evaluation. Design Studies. [DOI link]
  • Liikkanen L. (2014) Three Metrics for Measuring User Engagement with Online Media: Case Example YouTube. Technical report deposited in arXiv:1312.5547 [arXiv PDF]
  • Liikkanen L. (2013) YouTube music listening in Finland - 8 insights. Technical report. [PDF]
  • Liikkanen L. & Raaska K. (2013) Treatment of anxiety from musical obsessions with a cognitive behaviour therapy tool. BMJ Case Studies. [Full text, author version] [DOI]
  • Liikkanen L. & Gomez Gomez (2013) Designing Interactive Systems for the Experience of Time. In Proc. of DPPI 2013 [Full text PDF]
  • Nikander, Liikkanen and Laakso (2013) Naturally Emerging Decision Criteria in Product Concept Evaluation. In Proc of ICED'13. Seoul, Korea. 19-22 August. [Full text PDF]
  • Liikkanen, L. & Sandströ, T. (2013) To be or not to be real? Investigating the authenticity of YouTube views . HIIT technical report, Aalto University, Finland. [Full text PDF]
  • Sandström, T. & Liikkanen L. (2013). Kauas biisit karkaavat. Äänitemusiikin digitaalinen murros. Tekniikan Waiheita. 2/2013. (peer-reviewed article in the journal of Finnish Society for the History of Technology) [Full text PDF]
  • Aman, P. & Liikkanen, L. (2013) Painting the City with Music - Context-aware Mobile Services for Urban Environment. Special issue on Ubiquitous Digitalization of Urban Life and Auditory Culture in Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies. [DOI]
  • Liikkanen and Gomez Gomez (2013) Experience of Time in HCI. CHI 2013 workshop paper [Full text PDF]
  • Leisti-Szymczak A., Liikkanen L., Laakso M. and Summanen I. (2013) Let me do my job - Designers' experiences of collaborating with a client. In Proc. of Co-Create 2013. Espoo, Finland. 16-19 June. [Full text PDF]
  • Summanen I., Liikkanen L., Laakso M. and Leisti-Szymczak A. (2013) Co-developing a new technology for product concept testing with remote users. In Proc. of Co-Create 2013. Espoo, Finland. 16-19 June.[Full text PDF]
  • Rekonen S., Björklund T. and Liikkanen L. A. (2013). The influence of technical expertise on managerial activities throughout the innovation process. Proc of ICED'13. Seoul, Korea. 19-22 August [Full text PDF]
  • Rekonen S., Björklund T., Laakso M. and Liikkanen L. A. (2013). Evolvement of Managerial Activities and Leadership Style of New Product Development Project Managers. Proc of IRNOP XI conference (International Research Network on Organizing by Projects) [Full text PDF]
  • Liikkanen L. (2012) Involuntary Music Among Normal Population and Clinical Cases. Advances in Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation. 12(4) 12-13. [Full text PDF ]
  • Laakso M. & Liikkanen L. (2012) Dubious Role of Formal Creativity Techniques in Professional Design. In Proc. of ICDC2012. [Full text PDF]
  • Liikkanen L. (2012) Inducing involuntary musical imagery: an experimental study. Musicae Scientiae. 16(2) 217-234. [Full text author preview] [DOI]
  • Liikkanen L, Cunningham S. J., McDonald D., Downie J. S. (2012) Music interaction research in HCI. Proc. of CHI 2012. [Full text PDF] [DOI]
  • Lehtinen V. & Liikkanen L. (2012) The Meanings of Music Sharing in Tween Life. In Proc. of CHI-EA 2012. [Full Text PDF]
  • Liikkanen L. (2012) Musical Activities Predispose to Involuntary Musical Imagery. Psychology of Music, 40(2), 236-256. [Peer-review Full text PDF] [DOI]
  • Liikkanen L. (2012) Love through the viewfinder: Practices in contemporary snapshot photography of live music performances. Presented at Helsinki PhotoMedia 2012 conference. March 28-30. [Full text PDF]
  • Liikkanen L. (2012) From characterization to understanding involuntary musical imagery. In the Proc. of ICMPC-ESCOM 2012. July 23-28, Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Liikkanen L. & Laakso M. (2012) Concept Design as Knowledge Construction - the Case of User-Centered Design. In the Proc. of 12th International Design Conference DESIGN 2012. May 21-24, Dubrovnik, Croatia [Full text PDF]
  • Vihavainen S., Mate S., Liikkanen L, Curcio I.D.D. (2012) Video as Memorabilia: User Needs for Collaborative Automatic Mobile Video Production. Proc. of CHI 2012. [Full text PDF]
  • Forsblom, A, Nurmi P, Aman P, Liikkanen L (2012) Out of the Bubble - Serendipitous Event Recommendations at an Urban Culture Festival. In Proc. of ACM IUI2012, Lisbon, Portugal, 14-17 February. [Full text PDF]

Please see my extensive publications list at my homepage

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