Against Institutional Authorsh

2010/02/01 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Against Institutional Authorship

There is one thing I utterly despise in scientific or non-fiction publishing. This is institutional authoring, by which I mean putting out reports, papers or books without any indication of the author. While this may please the institute who sees it apparatchiks mainly as extension of a bureaucratic body, it hardly provides a realistic account what actually goes in an institute. There is yet no business available that without any human operator would be producing nice packets of literature.

Works are always authored by people. Anonymity does serve some purpose in dealing with delicate political issues, the presentation of facts and arguments in the final form should always readily trace back an editor. For instance, should I hold the whole European commission responsible for publishing incorrect accusations about the nature of music and driving? In newspapers, writing reporters appear nowadays often with photos and the editor-in-chief carries the legal responsibility over the published content. Why not make this a custom for institutional publications as well?

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