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Computers > 131021-To be real on YouTube (2013/10/21)
Liikkanen and Sandstrom (2013) To be or not to be real? Investigating the authenticity of YouTube views. Technical report from HIIT, Aalto University, Finland

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Hifi > 130213-AVS HD709 manuaali (2013/02/13)
AVS HD709 käyttöohje – kotiteatterinäytön kalibrointi tv, projektori, plasma ja LCD

University > 120411-Aalto researcher exchange (2012/04/11)
Going abroad as an Aalto employee - practical guide for researcher exchange

University > 100115-Professor job titles FI vs US (2010/01/15)
Comparison of professor job titles and tenure track in Finland and America

Computers > 080625-ssh public key guide (2008/06/25)
Practical guide to using SSH public key identification

Electronics > 071212-Li-Ion battery life (2007/12/12)
How to prolong and guarantee maximum battery life for Li-Ion rec

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