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Ux > 160509-UX Strategy framework (2016/05/09)
Liikkanen (2016) UX Strategy as a Kick-starter for Design Transformation. Proceedings of CHI 2016

Design > 150131-Preference effect in design concept evaluation (2015/01/31)
[06] Nikander J. B., Liikkanen L. & Laakso M. (2014) Ownership effects in design concept evaluation. Design Studies 35(4) 473-499. DOI: 10.1016/j.destud.2014.02.006

Design > 150124-Resonance testing tool for UX evaluation in concept design (2015/01/24)
Liikkanen L.A. and Reavey H. (2015, early online) Resonance testing: an industry approach for experiential concept evaluation. International Journal of Product Development. Vol. X, No. Y,–xxx.

Design > 131023-Natural design decisions (2013/10/23)
Nikander, Liikkanen and Laakso (2013) Naturally Emerging Decision Criteria. In Proceedings of ICED'13

Design > 130902-Design for time (2013/09/02)
Liikkanen L. and Goméz Goméz (2013) Designing Interactive Systems for the Experience of Time. In Proc. of DPPI 2013

Design > 130617-Let me do my job (2013/06/17)
Leisti-Szymczak A., Liikkanen L., Laakso M. and Summanen I. (2013) Let me do my job - Designers' experiences of collaborating with a client. In the Proc. of Co-Create 2013. Espoo, Finland. 16-19 June. Pp. 445-456.

Design > 120912-Design practice 2012 (2012/09/12)
Summary of Aalto Studying and Improving Design Practice Symposium 2012 all talks and keynots

Design > 120620-Dubious creativity techniques (2012/06/20)
Laakso M. & Liikkanen L. (2012) Dubious Role of Formal Creativity Techniques in Professional Design. To appear in Proc. of ICDC2012.

Design > 120411-Designed in China (2012/04/12)
The culture of design and innovation in Shanghai, China as it occurred to me in 2012

Design > 120319-Design knowledge construction (2012/03/19)
Liikkanen L. & Laakso M. (2012) Concept Design as Knowledge Construction - the Case of User-Centered Design. To appear in the Proc. of 12th International Design Conference DESIGN 2012. May 21-24, Dubrovnik,

Suunnittelu > 120120-Kayttajat sunnittelussa 2012 (2012/01/20)
Käyttäjät suunnittelussa 2012 - Users in Design 2012 - Aalto-yliopiston erityiskurssi käyttäjäkeskeisestä suunnittelusta

Design > 111027-Knowledge construct design (2011/10/27)
Liikkanen L. and Holmquist L-E (2011) Knowledge Construction in Concept Design: Case Studies. To appear in Proc. of ACM Creativity & Cognition (C&C'11)

Design > 110816-Creative design practices (2011/08/16)
Liikkanen, Laakso, Björklund (2011) Foundations for Studying Creative design practices. To appear in Proc. of DESIRE'11

Design > 100609-Designing board game (2010/06/09)
Notkola R., Koskela S. and Liikkanen L. (2010) Designing a board game as a vehicle for multicultural education. Poster presentation at FISCAR'10, May 25-27, Helsinki, Finland.

Design > 100523-Design Creativity Constraints (2010/05/23)
Liikkanen L. (2010) Defining Creativity in Conceptual Design as Negotiation of Crucial Constraints. Presentation at FISCAR'10, May 25-27, Helsinki, Finland.

Psychology > 100303-Emotional design summary (2010/03/03)
Commentary on Norman's Emotional design, Emotional machines ch.

Design > 100128-Selected ISI journals (2010/01/28)
List of Web of Knowledge indexed journals in music and design

Design > 090903-energy efficiency xtreme user (2009/09/03)
Liikkanen, L. (2009) Extreme-user approach and the design energy feedback systems. In the proceedings of Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting EEDAL 2009, 16-18 Jun. Berlin, Germany

Design > 090903-Time constraints in design (2009/09/03)
Liikkanen et al. (2009) Time constraints in design idea generation. ICED'09

Psychology > 090330-Designing effective posters (2009/03/30)
How to design effective posters about scientific topics

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180317-index page (2018/03/17)
Brief in English

Tests > 160105-Best productivity apps for 2016 (2016/01/05)
User experience benchmark in across platform use for Diigo, Evernote and Pocket.

Suunnittelu > 151230-Kuinka yhteiskunnan verkkopalveluiden vallankumous onnistuu (2015/12/30)
Iso-Britannia mullisti julkisten digitaalipalveluiden suunnittelun ja tuotannon. Tämä artikkeli kertoo kuinka se kävi.

Electronics > 121126-Programming Harmony 1 (2012/11/26)

Design > 120412-Designed in China (2012/04/12)
The culture of design and innovation in Shanghai, China as it occurred to me in 2012

Audio_video > 120130-Videoliittimet (2012/01/30)
Audio- ja videoliitäntästandardien ja -liittimien esittely

Creativity > 111207-King and creativity (2011/12/07)
About the writing process of Stephen King

Hifi > 101015-Review Sony MDR NC300D (2010/10/15)
MusiQ mobile music gear review: Sony MDR NC300D Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

Windows > 100909-Master Windows 7 Enterprise (2010/09/09)
Guide to successful and effective switch from Windows XP to Windows 7

Design_cognition > 071209-Masters thesis (2007/12/09)
Univ. of Helsinki 2005: Exploring problem decomposition

Windows > 070411-Access questionnaires (2007/04/11)
How to create forms and questionnaires with Microsoft Access

Computers > 060810-Endnote8 in practice (2006/08/10)
Practical working tips for EndNote 8

Tests > 050612-asus s5642-experience (2005/06/12)
Review of Asus S5642 portable computer

050109-site guide (2005/02/02)
SiSsi based site navigation guide

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