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2010/08/18 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Configuring default email application for Adobe Acrobat

Problem description

Running a fresh installation of Acrobat Pro 9.3.3 and Thunderbird 3.1.2, I had a hard time getting Acrobat to send emails using Thunderbird. When I invoked "Attach to email..." function, what I got was an error message that I could not send email because I did not have an Outlook profile.

Duh! Of course I didn't have an outlook profile because I was using Tbird as my dedicated mail client. From experience with Windows XP I knew that the Outlook installed with Office 2007 had an ugly habit of stealing defaults from Tbird. However, my first encounters with the Win7 style of default management were not successful. Starting from "Set your default programs" I discovered that Thunderbird already had all its defaults and there seemed to be no conflict with Outlook.


After some forum lookups I discovered that there are now (too) many mechanisms to set default applications. From Control panel -> Programs -> Default programs you need to take Set program access and computer defaults and under Custom section you can find settings for browser and email among the many. After setting Thunderbird as the default email software and restarting Acrobat, things finally started working!

As a note for Adobe developers, how about some transparency on software integration? You would look less guilty...

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