Scientific paper filenaming

2012/04/19 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Scientific paper file naming

This guide gives my suggestion for archiving digital files (usually PDFs) so they can be identified based on the filename. This can become handy if transfer files between people so the information is (somewhat) human readable. There are no standards here, but I believe any clear way of identifying works is better than 'science_Article.pdf' and searching files manually is easier if you systematically save them with a name (use Save as a Copy function in Acrobat reader).

My preferred format is this:



I'm using dash '-' as a field separator, so I never use it in author, title or forum names.

*1 : List surname of the first author, 
if two authors, list both separate with underscore '_'
if more than two, list first author and prefix '_etAl'

*2 : free form variant of the paper's title, use underscore '_' instead of space ' '

*3 : abbreviated journal, conference or book name. Use official abbreviation if possible

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