Asus Bios CPU support issue

2009/03/29 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

PC fails to boot with new CPU and motherboard

I recently found myself in a situation where I had just put together a PC from brand new components (ASUS mobo with Award BIOS and a new Ahtlon X2 CPU). However, turning on the machine did not work. The machine sometimes made some quite random beeps (typically three short beeps, but sometimes something), but did not really do POST or boot up and display BIOS, or output any video signal.

The underlying reason was pretty simple, the BIOS version bundled with the motherboard (not the latest model) did not support the CPU and thus the system failed to start up and turned up completely dead. Other people have described similar problems: forum post, wont boot + No BIOS beep or video signal

The solution is to "degrade" the processor to an older CPU in order to boot up the system and update the BIOS from a floppy or from Windows. This is quite awkward and the behavior of the motherboard is definitely stupid. Other MB + BIOS brand combinations maybe more fool proof

Check ASUS processor / motherboard compatibility chart for potential compatibility problems

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