Speaker placement

2005/09/26 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Placing home theater speakers

Dolby has established some standards for Dolby Digital 5.1 speaker setup. First select a representative listening spot, probably the center of your sofa and imagine a center line pointing to your display. Main front speakers should be located in an angle 22-30 degrees from the center of your display. Your front center speaker should be located in the same distance as the main speakers, on the arch of an illusory circle. Left and right rear speakers should be positioned 90-110 degress from the center line to left right, that means directly at your side or little bit to back. Rear speakers should be placed higher than front speakers and not tilted towards the listeners. One height suggestion is the head level when standing, which makes it 50-100 cm above the eye level when seated.

In a 6.1 system, an additional rear center speaker is used. This fixed at the same height and distance as the L and R rear speakers but just between them.

In a 7.1, two additional rear speakers are used. They are again at the same height with the others, but in an angle of 135-150 degrees.

Essential links that illustrate speaker placement:
Crutchfield Advisor's "Speaker Placement for Home Theater"
Alan Loft's very well illustrated "An Essential Guide to Home Theater Speaker Placement" (2005)
Dolby's "Room layout"

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