Programming Harmony 1

2012/11/26 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Programming Logitech Harmony One Universal remote

A universal remote can be used to reduce the number of remotes required to control your home entertainment system. Harmony ONE can achieve this, but its complicated setup is greatly facilitated if you follow the hints of this guide. This applies to all remotes controlled by Harmony Remote Software.


It's designed all wrong.

Each and every button on Harmony can be programmed using Harmony Remote Software (current version 7.7). The device is designed to work with activites such as 'Watch DVD'. When you select an activity, all of your associated devices are supposed to boot up and the remote gets configured so it should conveniently control the central functions of the devices associated with this activity, particularly switching them on and off.

Only if it would really work. The problem's I've had relate to incomplete command sequences and resulting


The only Activity you need is Manual, Utility one.

Programming happens either directly with Harmony software for PC or over the web. The web interface at is surprisingly somewhat better way to do it. However, Harmony software is needed to transfer the programming your device. I will assume you can figure out how to select the necessary Done, Save or Next actions in order to get from a screen to screen, because they do not make any sense to me.

The only necessary thing to do is to configure your devices appropriately using the Devices section. Use 'Learn IR' function if you have to add any functions or if some presets don't work. After this, you can set up your custom activity

  • Add activity
  • No - manually add an Activity to my setup.
  • Utility
  • Generic Activity ( Create a custom Activity)
  • Check 'Generic Activity'

Add the devices you want and set up the basics for the Generic activity you are creating. In the step 'Please review the actions for your Generic Activity Activity' you can add Start and Leave actions for the Activity, such as additional Power toggles if your receiver or projector is otherwise not turning off correctly. Select 'Send this infrared Command:'. If you think you need a delay so your device can take in successive commands, you need to add Delay action separately to happen before the other activity starts.

After initial setup, you will want to Change Settings and Rename 'Generic Activity' to something more meaningful, like 'Watch BluRay' (which btw. is not otherwise even possible). You will also need to map the buttons through 'Customize Buttons' so you can assign both physical keys (Standard buttons) and touch screen buttons (Additional buttons).

Only after you think you've done all these successfully, go and 'Update remote' so you can actually use the thing.

Usually, you might realize you need to change something only after trying it, so you'll be coming back to 'Options' for the activity, 'Review the settings for this Activity' and 'Yes, but I want to add more control of options and devices for this Activity'


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