Fix Nokia email software

2010/03/03 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Fix Nokia Smartphone Email access

For those of you who have not noticed, the Nokia Messaging software that was published in early 2009 for some Symbian phones, is really unreliable. This software replaced the old working and Nokia has not been able to resolve the issues and eradicate the bugs in the software even though the software as a part of the firmware (depending on your phone) has been updated. I have bad experiences from both E75 and X6 cell phones. These issues have occurred on my two distinct IMAP accounts, both using secure SSL/StartTLS connections.


I have experienced the following:

  • Sluggish, unpredictable slow downs
  • Random, but frequent crashes
  • Inability to connect to mail server without application restart

Not to mention missing features such as handling of HTML email and attachments, I really do not think that a phone such as E75 or E72


Switch to an alternative email application ( see here ). I have personally started to use Profimail which is a multi-platform email client. It is clearly more flexible than Nokia’s own messaging system but the user interface is clearly distinctive from Symbian/Nokia style UIs. However, its operation is so much more reliable and faster than the original that I see no reason to turn back. It is not as good as Apple mobile email software and it is not free, but I think it is still far superior to existing Nokia solutions that I dare to recommend it!

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