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2009/03/17 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Why computer turns on automatically?

My PC unintentionally turns on (power on) even if I don't touch it from sleep, hibernation or stand by.

Solution 1: BIOS settings
BIOS has many features that regulate how computer can be turned on. Input devices and other connected interfaces (ethernet network, installed PCI devices) can wake up the PC. Access BIOS during computer boot up and look for power options (for Phoenix-Award bios, press DEL). There you should find APM configuration or advanced power management settings. You should find one or more Power up by options for LAN, PS/2 keyboard, mouse, PCIe, etc. Disable all of these options. If this has not effect see the next following solution.

Solution 2: Operating system or Windows settings
Operating system can influence the behavior of BIOS. There are two different kinds of issues:
- Scheduled events
- Peripheral device settings
Scheduled events can bring the computer up without any user action. Check from control panel are there any unnecessary tasks scheduled. You can inspect the tasks if they have option Wake computer to run this task. Windows Vista can also generate similar activity if it has option for Enabling Window Update Power Management to automatically wake upsystem to install scheduled updates. This can be configerud in Group policy, computer configuration, Administrative templates, Windows Components, Windows Update. And Windows Media center automatic fetch on information from the Internet may cause similar behavior.

Peripheral device settings were the real problem for my computer. Check your human interface devices (HIDS, mouse, keyboard) settings in My computer, Properties, Hardware, Device Manager, find your devices and open up their properties and ensure that you have unchecked Power management tab settings Allow this device to bring computer out of standby. I found that in my ASUS mobo, this affected hibernation state as well despite the fact that BIOS wake up options were disabled. Very bad idea for a PS/2 mouse...

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