PHP preg urls2hyperlinks

2009/01/26 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

PHP preg_replace() urls2hyperlinks

This function will convert plain text URLs starting with http, https, or www into preformatted HTML links automatically. The latest update also automatically formats image links (identified by file extension into IMG tags:

function urls2Hyperlinks($string)
// modify first, add new line symbols if necessary 
', '
', '
'); $string = str_replace($changeThese,' \n
',$string); $string=nl2br($string); $in=array('`\s((?:https?|ftp)://\S+[[:alnum:]]/?)`si', '`\s((?$1 ', ' $1'); return preg_replace($in,$out,urls2Imgtags($string)); } function urls2Imgtags($string) { $in=array('`\s((?:https?|ftp)://\S+[[:alnum:]]/?).(png|jpg|jpeg|gif)`si' , '`\s((?
', ' IMG src='http://$1.$2' title='$1.$2' />
'); return preg_replace($in,$out,$string); }

This adaptation is based on user notes to PHP manual, preg_replace()

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