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2007/11/05 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Centralize Sent mail folders in Thunderbird

This guide instructs you how to get all your sent email to be stored in a single folder. This is handy especially when you have several accounts, but you don't want to spread your own messages across several folders. Tested using Thunderbird and Buttons!

The first thing you are strongly encouraged to get is the extension called Buttons!. Buttons allows greater control over the folders and allows you to change settings for each email you send, for instance, not to save a copy at all. I use that function often when sending big attachments that I don't want to duplicate in my Sent mail folder. Download and install the extension and then restart Thunderbird.

Do the following steps one and two for each account you like to customize. You can do it parallel so that for each account, go through step one and then step two.

Step 1.

Now, access your Tool -> Account settings -> Copies &cp; Folders where you will see new options regarding copies on your email. The most important option is the Place a copy in selection where you must select the appropriate Sent folder where you want to centralize your emails in. Then just click ok.

Step 2.

Now the tricky part. Because I also want to have the option of not saving the outgoing message, I actually want to select another option from Tool -> Account settings -> Copies &cp; Folders, that is default is the 'Sent' folder from the additional select on send options. But this requires you to first set the centralized Sent folder and say OK for that. After this, reinvoke the Account settings and toggle the select on send option.

Now, once you've done this for all accounts, you should see the default outgoin setting as you planned in the Buttons! drop down menu that is now visible in the compose message view. There is a Copy message to: toolbar below message headers composition fields, above the message body.

An alternative for the brave is to edit directly the prefs.js file (as word of warning, I have messed my whole profile doing that) and insert something like this:
user_pref('mail.identity.id2.fcc_folder', 'imap://bart@imap.springfield.edu/Sent');
user_pref('mail.identity.id2.fcc_folder_picker_mode', '257');

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