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2007/04/20 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

How to delete page header in MS Word

This tip has been tested with Word 2002 (XP), but it likely works well with other versions also.

Many times I and other people complain that supposedly empty header is taking up space from my document. However, as a default, Word is supposed to discard an empty header, so... this should not happen. What's wrong?

First of all, header placement works so that a non-empty header is normally contained within top margin, if it fits in there. If it doesn't, it will be extended towards page content, taking more space. This can be estimated by adding line spacing to the space above and below the header paragraph(s) (72 pt = 1 inch). If things do not work out as expected, go through the following checklist for the probable reasons for odd behavior:

  1. Check that your page margin is adequately small
  2. Ensure your header is really empty by viewing non-printing characters (click pi sign button or go to Tools -> Options -> Formatting marks -> All). There should be only a single paragraph mark in the header
  3. Verify that your header style is default. If you modify your header style, even though the style name would remain the same, Word will think that it is non-empty. Revert to the default style by deleting the paragraph mark, this will create a paragraph mark with the default style

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