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2007/04/12 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Importing data from Access to SPSS

Suppose you would like to get data from an Access database table to SPSS. Working with SPSS 15.0.1 and Access 2002, I've tested the following strategies for how they work. There are several possibles ways and format for import but only some of them actually work.

Directly to SPSS

Export MethodImport MethodOutcome
none Open database -> New query Variable types and names are recovered, data lost
dBASE 5 dbf Open database -> New query SPSS hangs up in the data selection phase
dBASE 5 dbf Open data Variable types OK, names truncated but visible, width exceeded with most string variables and data OK
Excel 2000 Open database -> New query No variables, no data
CSV (text) Open data Variable, types, names and labels lost. Data OK.
Excel 97-2002 Open data Variables names, types and labels Ok and data imported OK
Excel 5-7 Open data Variables names, types and labels Ok and data imported OK

NOTE: Do not select the option formatted when exporting Excel files.


So, the best way is to use Excel format in the middle. You will loose the value labels, but otherwise your formatting is pretty well preserved. If still have problems, for instance get the warning "All sheets in Excel appear to be empty", make sure you aren't exporting a selection of data by first closing the table, selecting it from the tables list and then choosing File -> Export and acknowledge the notice above.

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