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2005/09/29 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Making Pivot Pro work with Matrox dualhead tv output

Portrait displays inc. which has created flexible Pivot Pro software for rotating displays. However they state in hardware FAQ that they don't officially support dual head adaptors. Good news is that the dual-head tv-output will work as long as you start the main display output in the non-rotated state (0 degrees).


I encountered a problem with a Matrox dual head display setup as I tried to use tv-output (dualhead DVDMax feature enabled) while my LCD was pivoted for 90 degrees. The problem was that the DVDMax did not activate the tv output during videoplayback as usual and hence no picture in tv. However, the tv setup images were displayed as normal


After initial struggle, testing with different tv settings, and browsing the web I discovered that the problem is caused by the Pivot Pro. More accurately, Matrox DVDMax will not become active if the main display is pivoted from the zero degrees when a video playback is activated. This can be solved by rotating the display to 0 degrees angle before starting the playback. Matrox could definitely fix this in the near future, but this solution provides a quick fix for the problem.

Equipment used

Matrox G550 dual head (DVI+VGA) display adaptor (driver version and Pivot Pro version 7.68 on Windows 2000 (SP4)

See also

More general tips on DVDMax

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