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2010/01/28 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

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Design research related


Design Issues ( )
Design Studies ( )
Journal of Engineering Design ( )
International Journal of Technology and Design Education ( )
Research in Engineering Design ( )


Embedded Systems Design
Environment and Planning B-Planning & Design
Formal Methods in System Design
Materials & Design
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part L-Journal of Materials-Design and Applications
International Journal of Art & Design Education ( )

Music related

Music Perception ( ? )
Psychology of Music ( )
Musicae Scientiae ( )

Cultural, political

Popular Music ( )
Journal of Popular Music Studies ( )

Leonardo Music Journal ( )
Journal of New Music Research ( )
Popular Music and Society
Journal of Music Theory
Journal of Mathematics and Music


Journal of Creative Behavior Creative Education Foundation Inc,

Creativity Research Journal (T&F)

Digital Creativity (T&F)

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