LCD monitor power consumption

2008/12/21 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Computer flat screen power ratings

17" LCD MONITOR, 100-200 eur br /> Nominal power consumptions in operational state as specified by the manufacturer (electric power in operation). Real consumption is typically below the nominal value, but there can be considerable differences in the real consumption. The list is ordered by ascending power consumption

Lenovo ThinkVision L174 20 Watt

HP L1710 30 watts maximum

Samsung SyncMaster 723N 31 Watt

Samsung SyncMaster 743BM 32 Watt

PHILIPS - 170S9FB/05  33 Watt

Fujitsu Siemens SCENICVIEW A17-3 - 35 Watt

ViewSonic VG730m 35 Watt

BenQ E700A . 38W(max)

NEC AccuSync LCD73VM - : 39 Watt.

AG Neovo SX-Series  48 Watt

NEC MultiSync LCD1770NX-BK- 48 Watt

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