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2011/12/07 by Lassi A. Liikkanen

Stephen King and the process of writing novels

The book On writing describes the creative process practiced by Stephen King. His process goes on in approximately six steps:

  • a) Writing the first draft (max. 3 months)
  • b)Letting the manuscript sit, recuperation of 6 weeks
  • c) Reading through the manuscript and marking it for editing
  • d) Having 6-8 trusted readers read and comment the manuscript
  • e) Using c+d input for (re)writing the second draft (-10% in length)
  • f) Polishing or rewriting the second draft for the final version (-10%)

In writing, King considers an Ideal reader. This person is someone to impress, someone representing the audience he is writing to. He looks for the emotional responses of the IR from the first draft to tell if the work is evoking the desired response or not. For him, this person is his wife. This approach is very much like the personas approach used in human-centered design of information technology.

Stephen King
On Writing. A Memoir of the Craft.
2000, Scribner, New York, NY

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